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Media Barrel LLC

Social media’s very richness makes it simply too big a problem for most companies to handle well on their own. The search engine optimization (SEO) specialists have their idea of what you need to do, while the web developers and the multimedia producers have their own agenda. Meanwhile, your marketing department is putting up random Facebook or Twitter pages aimed at selling product, while your HR department needs to direct job-seekers to your career site. Everyone has different objectives and the result is branding by committee, which creates a mosaic of mixed consumer brand / employer brand messages with little consistency for would-be customers.

Media Barrel stands apart from other social media service companies for a very simple reason — we act as a liaison, not only between media platforms but between internal corporate departments as well, to make sure all your company’s branding needs are addressed and met. We work with you to determine precisely how we can create and implement a sensible, comprehensive strategy that can be monitored, adjusted, and maintained to stay relevant without losing cohesiveness. We don’t focus on one part of the problem — we solve all of it.

Media Barrel makes social media work for you instead of against you. We step in from the very beginning of the process, bridging communication gaps between different functional areas, facilitating genuine teamwork and consensus, and building a social media array in which each piece of the puzzle serves every other piece to create a single, powerful, congruent image of your business.

53 Westchester Drive
Rocky Point, New York 11778

Ph: 888-682-0010
Fax: 516-784-5224