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Reality Carpet

Reality Carpet has been serving Long Island since 1993. Originally founded by Bob and Monica Moorehouse, Reality Carpet has always been dedicated to quality customer service and installation.
Bob began his career in flooring as an installer for several stores. As the installer, he saw that many customers were choosing the floors the salesperson pushed on them rather than the product that suited their needs. He saw that many salespeople treated customers with indifference and just wanted to make the sale. They promise the customer an outcome that is just not realistic and as the installer, it became Bob’s problem, for better or worse. This would lead to unhappy or irate customers, a poor reputation for the store, and installation headaches for the installers.
Bob realized that it could be better for everyone. The customer experience had to begin with a salesperson who cared about the choice the customer made and possessed the knowledge to lead them to the right product. Many think as long as the Flooring, Carpet, Laminate, Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl products are in stock, thats all they need. The product should reflect the customer’s needs as much as the look they desired. A good installation, as well as a good experience with the installers, is just as important as the product itself. All together this would make for a satisfied customer, happy with the choice they made, the service they received, and the outcome they desired.
In 1993, Bob finally had enough and he and his wife opened Reality Carpet. The experiences that Bob previously endured as an installer shaped his philosophy and became the driving force for the treatment of his customers. From the beginning, they dedicated themselves to providing superior customer service. They appreciated every customer who came through the door, from the smallest bedroom to whole houses. Bob understood that it’s the total customer experience that matters, beginning in the showroom with the salesperson to the final moment when the installer packed up his tools.
For the next 18 years, Bob and Monica built Reality Carpet up from a tiny store front with a few loyal customers to a thriving business within the community. They forged a reputation of honesty and integrity. Their goal has always been to help their customers find the right flooring for their homes and to provide top notch installation and service.
Over the years, many people have been attracted to their way of doing business. I joined them in 2004 as an installer’s helper and quickly saw that they had the customer’s best interests at heart. As I learned the flooring craft from Bob and the other great installers who have come and gone over the years, I understood that I played a crucial role in the total customer experience. Bob always told me that I would leave the final impression of Reality Carpet and it was my responsibility to make sure it was a good one.
Over the years, I played many roles at Reality Carpet. Using the knowledge and skills I learned and mastered, I installed thousands of feet of carpet and flooring. I worked in the showroom as a salesperson. I measured homes and businesses. I scrutinized new types of flooring, materials and installation techniques.
In 2011, Bob & Monica decided it was time to retire. They wanted to ensure that Reality Carpet would continue to operate with the same guiding principles with which it was founded. They offered to sell me the business knowing that I would run it as they had. I was flattered that they had that much faith and trust in me. I jumped at the opportunity.
Since then, we have added some new faces, some new products, and changed some things here and there, but we’ve always adhered to Bob and Monica’s original principle of keeping the customer’s best interests at heart.
We look forward too many more years of serving you.

29 Rocky Point-Yaphank Rd, Suite 2
Rocky Point, New York 11778

Ph: 631-744-5147