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DJ Don Q

A little about DJ DON Q . I was born in Brooklyn N.Y. then moved to Hempstead N.Y. During the late 80’s I met a few good friends that were DJ’s. Ray , Bayo , Joe , Razz , Danny , Daniel , Richie , and Damian . These guys loved music , it was crazy to me that they all were DJ’s . I immediately started Djing with them .

I went on to start working with different promoters throughout Long Island and NYC. I was able to DJ clubs like , Sprats , Paradise , Les Poules , Latin Quarters , Yips , Broadway 2 , 3030 , Casablanca , Visage, Sambuca , Escapes, Sidestreet , and many more . I DJ’d for important people like Fernando Ferrer , Al Sharpton , Thomas Suozzi , Carmelo Anthony and La La from Mtv etc… I worked for a Salsa Crew called The Latin Debonairs . I also worked for the cruise Line the Big Red boat and Dolphin . I was a guest DJ and was able to cruise the world doing what I loved . I always performed at private parties . I performed at weddings , Bar-Mitzvahs , Quinceneras , birthdays , communions you name it . I found that the mobil end of the Dj ing was keeping me really busy . So I have successfully been Djing mobil events for 20 years .

The year 2007 was a big year for me . As a young DJ it was always my dream to spin on a radio station . I looked up to many radio DJ’s and I followed them and the music closely . I loved to listen to Johnny Famulari , Alex Sensation . Dj Lobo , Dj Enuff , Funk Master Flex , Norty Cotto , Kid Capri , Redalert , just to name a few . It was in 2007 I heard that a latino radio station was going to start in Suffolk county. I have been Djing on the radio station for 3 years now and I have my own show called the La Descarga con Ana Maria. It can be heard Monday – Friday 5pm-6pm . The radio station is called La Fiesta 98.5 and 96.9 , it is also syndicated in New Jersey . It can be heard worldwide on the web , You can find me spinning live at Club Sambuca in Westbury and Club Passion in Freeport in Long Island. I play anything that will make a Spanish club jump on the radio show. Thanks Vic Latino for giving me the chance to live my dream .

106 Prince Road
Rocky Point, New York 11778

Ph: 516-857-3064