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Ascent StoryCraft

Wish you could spend more time working with your clients instead of working on your business? Ascent StoryCraft. is a content strategy and consulting firm that specializes in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs create optimal SEO to crack into the Big G’s rankings. —Spend less time on writing website copy and more time connecting with clients. —Write proposals, not blogs. —Stop the endless chase. Meet clients where they are looking for your services. In today’s rapidly changing digital marketing space, it is all about creating an effortless interconnected content strategy that meets your potential clients where they’re at: aka the internet. With hundreds of competitors vying for attention the quickest and most genuine ways to connect is through a thoughtful and engaging digital strategy. The truth is you can have the best blog, website copy or newsletters, but you’re not reaching the right audience, you can bank on hearing crickets rather than meeting new clients. Ascent Storycraft. will walk you through the often confusing — did Facebook just change it’s algorithm again?! —digital content landscape that will engage your optimal clientele. We develop targeted content strategies rooted in best SEO practices that connect you to your dream clients.

7 Hillside Road
Sound Beach, New York 11789

Ph: 631-278-1999